Honeyfish The Luxury Anna Maria Villa

With winter well and truly upon us and cold dark mornings and evenings being no less than expected who wouldnt want to escape the cold and very wet British climate for warmer sands.

With the luxury Anna Maria villa Honeyfish available from Pineapplefish its possible to find just the escape you crave. With its panoramic waterfront views and direct access to Bimini Bay its easy to imagine yourself sipping on a cool and refreshing drink around your own private pool. Also, with Honeyfish being perfectly situated just a ten minute walk from the beach you can just as easily take a slow stroll to the beach to enjoy one of Anna Marias amazing sunsets.

As well as all the relaxing activities on offer, Honeyfish provides the perfect array of activities for a water lover as it is located right on the waters edge with its own mooring and the ability to kayak right out of your back door. With its 4 bedrooms and sleeping capacity for up to ten people, Honeyfish is also perfect for those special group family vacations and an Anna Maria holiday will cater for all ages with activities to suit everyones idea of the perfect get-a-way.

Honeyfish is one of the six luxury holiday rentals on Anna Maria Island that are available from Pineapplefish. All are individually styled and decorated to give a feeling of warmth and homeliness whilst still emitting a feel of luxury. With chef standard kitchens, king size beds and flat screen TVs youll be torn as to whether to leave your luxury accommodation for the pristine beaches of Anna Maria or lounge in the luxury of your day beds, sofas and pool side sun loungers.

Once you have decided to leave the comfort of Honeyfish there is lots to

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Navigation Software That Aid Marine Travel

Mariners and amateur boaters are fortunate to have the marine GPS (global positioning system) today. With this equipment they are able to determine land targets within or away from the vicinity. However, mariners are not advised to fully depend on marine GPS only. In case technical difficulties surmount along the travel, the mariner will be partially blind and the vessel will be in peril. So it’s better to have separate navigation software on board. Navigation instruments help lessen the risks and difficulties in sea travel. These devices are not at all hard to used to understand even the first time, except for the maritime fax.
A compass for example, is necessary for heading information. The one that’s complete with a compass transducer is what a mariner should have. With such modern device, an operator can lock bearing when the boat is one autopilot. The compass’ electronic screen will show any deviant steering from the locked bearing and the direction to which the boat should follow. The same equipment may also be fixed to the boat so that it won’t fall off or go missing. For more convenience, an instrument called the data display is also available, which shows both the heading and depth at the same time. The analogue rudder angle display is another very helpful device aboard. This shows the rudder position as indicated by a pointer. The rudder angle is the acute angle between a ship or plane’s rudder and its fore-and-aft line. The latest in rudder angle displays are able to show lower or higher indications than usual.
Your navigation software must also consist of vessel speed and wind speed display tools. There is an all-in-one system pack with graphic display, DPU, and speed and depth pods that you can purchase. Such model is open

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Holiday Trip Choosing The Best Resort

Plan A Holiday With Your Loved Ones

Are you planning for a family vacation? It’s one of the best ways to spend some quality time with your loved ones. If you have decided to go on a holiday with your family, you should always look for a family resort. A classy and luxurious holiday with your family can help you to get out of the stress and strain.

How To Choose The Best Resort?

Tip 1

Compare The Different Options

You should never ever choose a resort randomly. Compare all the different options to make sure that you choose the one which comes within your budget. Therefore, you should take your time to do an online research to learn about the best accommodation options to choose for your next holiday. Remember, you should always plan your holiday in advance so that you get the time to compare the different options.

Tip 2

Visit The Official Website Of The Resort

Firstly, you should take some time to visit the official website of the resort/hotel to know more about them. Most of the resorts publish the pictures of the accommodation facilities and other activities in the website. You can also find detailed description of the services along with the charges. Go through the details on the official website of the resort before calling them.

Tip 3

Check Online Reviews

You should look for some online reviews on different resorts. Look for the top travel or tourism websites to get some genuine reviews on the resorts. Remember, you should never ever choose a resort only on the basis of the online reviews. If the resorts have some negative reviews, you should consider looking for some other option.

Tip 4

Call The Customer Service Department

If you have chosen a particular resort, you should give a call to the customer service department to ask about the cost of

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What Makes FaV Hotel a Better Place to Stay while Visiting Bataan

Bataan is one of the most beautiful and fascinating provinces in the Philippines. Located at the central part of Luzon, this province is not only rich in picturesque landscapes, but also in customs, traditions, gastronomy and history. When visiting Bataan, however, there are few important steps you need to take. One of these things is booking for a comfortable place to stay while you are on a trip.

Fav Hotel: The Sole Transient and Boutique Hotel in Bataan

In Bataan there are several known establishments that offer transient lodging and accommodations, such as Fav Hotel. Located at the very heart of Bataan in the peaceful and beautiful city of Balanga, this transient hotel is like no other as far as first-rated amenities, good accommodation, perfect location and affordable prices are concerned.

Key Points of Fav Hotel

1.First-rated Amenities – Compared with other popular hotels and travel lodges in Bataan, Fav Hotel likewise offers spacious rooms with cozy ambiance to keep their clients’ stay as comfortable as possible. But not just that! They have also provided each room with individually controlled air conditioning, cabled TV, mini refrigerator and free Wi-Fi connection to keep their guests more relax and well-entertained.

2.Perfect Location – Another reason Fav Hotel becomes the best hotel in balanga is because of its location, which is just near the major establishments and roads in the city, such as Balanga Public Market. Because of this, guests can conveniently shop for some of the well-known products of Bataan.

3.Added Facilities – In addition to hotel accommodation, Fav offers additional services to make it more convenient for their guests to access everything they need, such as money changers, beauty salon and pizza parlor. All are located at the ground floor of the hotel.


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What Benefits Do You Get From Staying In a Sweat Lodge

While the idea of a steam room is something that many of us in the modern world enjoy the idea of the steam room itself is not something new. In the olden days the steam room was known as a sweat lodge. These sweat lodges were designed primarily to allow various people to purify themselves before religious ceremonies.

The sweat lodge was constructed of material like wood or animal hide that would hold the steam that was released from the hot rocks inside of the lodge as steam. This steam would build up sufficiently to cause the inhabitants of the sweat lodge to sweat. This was the primary reason of the sweat lodge.

When the people had built up a good amount of sweat they would find that their limbs were completely relaxed. The sweat helped to purify the body and ready the body for a state of meditation. To enable this to occur the sweat lodge would be placed in a location where there was ample room to build a large sized lodge.

Today the sweat lodge idea is still used but it is made from modern materials. In many sweat lodges the primary covering is treated wood. This wood is pre-cut according to various sizes that may be needed to construct a sweat lodge.

The sweat lodge is generally constructed in the basement or just outside of the house and it is large enough for about five or six people to enjoy the benefits of the sweat lodge. In the center of the sweat lodge floor a small stove or gas, electric burner is placed on the floor.

On this stove you will place good quality Finnish sweat lodge rocks. These rocks will be medium sized and resistant to the constant heating and cooling effects of the sweat lodge. The stove

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